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Thu, Oct 16th - Sat, Oct 25th

Greetings to the fiery spirits, friends and the faerie-folk of the Vegas Vortex!

Are You ready for Fall Fest?... because We are certainly getting ready for You… We have a brand-new *expanded* Fall gathering coming up in a few short weeks.... Read below for all the exciting information, and tell all your closest friends!

Fall Fest 2014 is now TEN days of outstanding events in and around Las Vegas! Come for all of it, or any part; this is gonna be amazing...and there is NO REGISTRATION FEE!

This promises to be an unforgettable experience of fun fantasy, far-fetched freakishness, flamboyant festivity, and far-out flashiness!! So, right this way, step behind the veil and let the mysteries begin!!!

To learn more about our events, such as MYSTERIUM (in February), MAYFIRE (in May), or FALL FEST (in October), go to Past Events to read all about them!

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