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Mayfire 2012 - Now Closed

Mayfire 2012
May 1st - May 6th, 2012


Registration is closed

Setup Days: May 1st & 2nd
Festival Days: May 3rd - May 6th, 2012



Once again we host THREE FULL NIGHTS OF FIRE CIRCLE MAGICK, beginning on Thursday night. Mealtimes and announcements will take place in a central location to help you connect with community. Read on for all the details...

The Vegas Vortex welcomes you to four days and nights of incredible magical adventure in the desert. Please read the following carefully so you can be well informed about the details of this four-day Fire Gathering. This is our eleventh annual MayFire celebration. This is a special gathering, for initiates, friends, and Family of Fire only. If you have never attended one of our events before, you must be sponsored by someone who has attended Mayfire, FireDance, Phoenix Fire, ForestDance, FireTribe Hawaii, Spirit Fire, Summerfest, Fires Rising, or Celebrate the Spirit.

More Sponsorship information.

The Valley of Fire is Nevada's oldest State Park. It is located only 50 miles northeast of Las Vegas. The rough floor and jagged walls of the park contain brilliant formations of eroded sandstone and sand dunes more than 150 million years old. These features, which are the centerpiece of the park's attractions, often appear to be on fire when reflecting the sun's rays. Please be kind to the environment, and plan to carpool, as there are a limited number of spaces for cars to park, and a limited number of places where we can set up our tents without disturbing the natural vegetation.

TUESDAY May 1st:
Setup Day

WEDNESDAY May 2nd: Early Arrivals
Camp at the site while we continue our "great work" setting up and preparing the community sites, fire circle and personal areas.

THURSDAY May 3rd & FRIDAY May 4th: Main Arrivals between 12pm-7pm

THURSDAY NIGHT will be our first all-night fire
FRIDAY, the campsite gate will be closed at sunset, so plan to arrive before then or make arrangements with the Registrar.
SATURDAY will be our third night of fire, with a group breakfast after sunrise.
SUNDAY we cleanup the site, pack, then return to town to rest for the day.
SUNDAY NIGHT, we reconvene for a suppertime Vegetarian Potluck and Heartshare at the McBride House of Mystery, from 7-11pm.

A detailed Mayfire Schedule will also be posted onsite at the event. Mayfire 2011 Schedule as well as lots of useful information at Mayfire Info

PRICE: $99 for the weekend includes your camping fee, registration, workshops, Sunday breakfast, and firewood.

PARK FEES: (read carefully) When you enter, the park also now collects two fees:
$10 ENTRY FEE per vehicle ($8 for Residents with either NV Driver's License/License Plate)
PLUS an additional CAMPING FEE of $10 per night, per vehicle. You do not have to pay for Sunday.
So, for example, if you arrive on Thursday, you would pay the $18/$20 x 3 = $54/$60. These fees are determined by the park and due to drastic budget cuts.

If, for any reason, you would like us to consider a work exchange, please read the information on our Work Exchange page and send us your request ASAP.

Due to the nature of the subtlety and the delicacy of the ritual working, we are refining our ritual structure, and "separating the subtle from the gross."
We will close the gate each evening at 8pm, (though we strongly encourage everyone to be onsite by sundown so you can get set up, and allow some quiet time for resting before the firelighting.)

Once you are set up onsite, you MAY LEAVE the camp and return, as suits your needs throughout the gathering, but please respect our policy of NO NEW ARRIVALS after Friday at sundown.


Questions? email Spinner or Morganne, the Registrar.

See you soon around the fire!

Jeff, Spinner, Morganne and the Vegas Vortex.

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